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Pentair or PacFab Challenger High Flow Replacement Pool Pump Parts

Aquamasters, Inc. carries a complete line of pool and spa parts.  Our Pump Parts menu includes strainer baskets, pump lid assemblies, hand knobs, wet ends, gaskets, O-Rings, Housings, impellers, diffusers, shaft seals, seal plates, impeller keys, and replacement motors from the leading manufactures such as Hayward, Pentair, PacFab, Rainbow, Sta-Rite, Marlow, AquaFlo, and more pumps.  

Key # Part # Description Each Image Order
1 PF-355004 Seal Plate, Pentair PacFab Challenger, Waterfall Pump 122.39
1 PF-355497 Seal Plate for 5-HP Challenger 122.39  
2 PF-355028 Diffuser Plate, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 0.5-0.75hp 28.53
2 PF-355078 Diffuser Plate, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 1.0 HP 17.97
2 PF-355095 Diffuser Plate, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 2.0hp 31.00
2 PF-355495 Diffuser Plate, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 3.0hp 16.56
3 PF-354545 Shaft Seal PS-200, Buna, 5/8" Shaft Size 22.95
4 PF-355043 Impeller, Pentair PacFab Pinnacle/Challenger, 0.5hp 65.57
4 PF-355067 Impeller, Pentair PacFab Pinnacle/Challenger, 0.75hp 66.86
4 PF-355074 Impeller, Pentair PacFab Pinnacle/Challenger, 1.0hp 67.65
4 PF-355086 Impeller, Pentair PacFab/StaRite Challenger/SuperMax, 1.5hp 68.11  
4 PF-355093 Impeller, Pentair PacFab/StaRite Challenger/SuperMax, 2.0hp 69.36  
4 PF-355068 Impeller, Pentair PacFab/Challenger/Waterfall, 3.0hp 66.86
5 PF-355029 Diffuser, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 0.5-0.75hp 48.70
5 PF-355077 Diffuser, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 1.0hp 48.70
5 PF-355094 Diffuser, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 2.0hp 52.19
5 PF-355069 Diffuser, Pentair PacFab Challenger, 3.0hp 45.05
6 PF-355320 Band Clamp Ring, Pentair PacFab Challenger / Waterfall 104.39
7 PF-355302 Volute for Pump, Pentair PacFab Challenger, WaterFall 247.22
8 PF-354290 Screw, Pentair StaRite/PacFab, 16-1 x 3/8", Seal Plate 3.19
9 PF-355389 Screw, Pentair StaRite/PacFab, Impeller Lock 2.95
10 PF-355305 Pump Stand, Pentair PacFab Challenger/Waterfall 59.60
10A PF-355492 Motor Support for Pentair Challenger Pump, Tall 12.95 Discontinued
10B PF-355385 Motor Support, Pentair PacFab Challenger 15.19
11 PF-355334 Screw, Pentair StaRite/PacFab, 8 - 32 x 1", Volute 2.23
12 PF-355030 O-Ring, Pentair PacFab, StaRite, Diffuser, O-395 9.56
13 PF-355329 O-Ring for Front Housing, Buna-N, 10.5-inch ID, 1/4" Cross Section 9.25
14 PF-355335 Screw, Pentair PacFab Challenger/Waterfall, Pump Stand 3.00
15 PF-192115 O-Ring, Buna-N, 1/2" ID, 1/16" Cross Section 4.95
16 PF-U178-920P Drain Plug, Pentair StaRite, w/ O-Ring, Replaces 154699 6.95
17 PF-152060 Bolt, Pentair PacFab, Pump/Filter, 5/16-18 x 4-1/4" 15.44
18 PF-072173 Washer, Pentair PacFab, Pump/Filter, 5/16" 2.55
19 PF-174882 Clamp Knob, Pentair PacFab, Pump/Filter, 5/16-18 - Knob fits clamp w/ removable bolt only 42.39
19 PF-175025 Clamp Knob, Pentair PacFab, Challenger/Waterfall, 1/4-18 - Knob fits clamp w/ captured T-bolt only 42.39
20 PF-355330 O-Ring, Buna-N, 2 3/8" ID, 1/8" Cross Section, O-2455 2.95
21 PF-354265 Screw, Pentair PacFab, Challenger/Waterfall, 5/16-18, 4 req. 3.10
22 PF-357161 Drain Plug, Pentair StaRite SuperMax, 1/4 in. drain 7.25
24 PF-355300 Trap Body, Pentair PacFab, Challenger/Waterfall 176.14
24 PF-355900 Trap Body, Pentair PacFab, Challenger / Waterfall, 5-HP 630.88
25 PF-355318 Pump Basket, OEM, Pentair/PacFab Challenger, Waterfall 49.42
25 PF-355901 Pump Basket SS, OEM, Pentair/PacFab Challenger, AFP 180, Stainless Steel strainer basket, 5-HP 493.60
26 PF-152509 O-Ring, Square, Pentair PacFab Challenger, Waterfall, Trap Lid Square ring 8 1/2 inch 8.85
26 PF-350013 O-Ring to Trap Lid, Buna-N, 5 3/4" ID, 1/4" Cross Section 5.25
27 PF-355301 Trap Lid, Pentair PacFab Challenger/Pinnacle/Waterfall 77.57
27 PF-355902 Trap Lid, Pentair PacFab, Challenger/Waterfall, 5hp 89.95
27 PF-354112 Trap Lid, Pentair PacFab, Challenger / Waterfall Lid, chemical resistant 77.57
27 PF-354914 Lid for strainer pot, 5F, black     Not Shown
28 PF-552377 Bushing - reducer 1/2F, 3/4F, 3/4A, 1A, 2 req. 17.25
29 PF-154527 Wrench, Pentair PacFab, Challenger Waterfall, Wrench for Trap Lid, 8-1/2" 32.60
30 Motor-355371 Motor, 1/2-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 115/230V 259.00  
30 Motor-355339 Motor, 3/4-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 115/230V 299.00  
30 Motor-355340 Motor, 1-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 115/230V 329.00
30 Motor-355342 Motor, 1.5-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 230V 399.00  
30 Motor-355702 Motor, 2-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 230V 479.00  
30 Motor-355703 Motor, 3-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 230V 629.00  
30 Motor-355704 5-HP Replacement Motor, 3-Phase, 230/460V sq. fig. only 785.38  
30 Motor-355705 5-HP Replacement Motor, 1-Phase, 230/460V sq. fig. only 791.25  
30 Motor-355375 2-Speed Motor, 3/4-HP Full Rated, Square Flange, 115V only 429.41  
30 Motor-355232 2-Speed Motor, 3/4-HP Full Rated, 1-HP Up-rated std sq fig, 230V only 393.74    
30 Motor-355376 2-Speed Motor, 1-HP Full Rated, 1.5-HP Up-rated std sq fig, 230V only 449.88  
30 Motor-355377 2-Speed Motor, 1.5-HP Full Rated, 2-HP Up-rated std sq fig, 230V only 539.81  
30 Motor-355378 2-Speed Motor, 2-HP Full Rated, 2.5-HP Up-rated std sq fig, 230V only 669.81  
30 Motor-355201 3/4-HP Replacement Motor, 3-Phase, sq fig CHII-NI 339.78  
30 Motor-355203 1-HP Replacement Motor, 3-Phase, sq fig CHII-NI 384.77  
30 Motor-355204 1.5-HP Replacement Motor, 3-Phase, sq fig CHII-NI 479.99  
30 Motor-355205 2-HP Replacement Motor, 3-Phase, sq fig CHII-NI 529.76  


- Part #PF-355305 - New style pump base includes dual radius motor support adapter, which fits both 5-5/8" & 6-1/2"

- Part #PF-355385
- Is a replacement part that fits only older style pump bases with two-hole adapter mounting

Part #PF-152060
- Carriage bolt is a replacement part for old style clamp band assembly (key #6)


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